Sikh Philosophy

I’m quite fascinated by world religion and philosophies and lately I’ve been looking into Sikhism, or the religion of the Sikh people.

Sikhism is one of the national religions of India. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word “shishya” (apprentice). By nationality, almost all Sikhs, Punjabis, form a rather compact base community. Sikhs are concentrated mainly in the Punjab and Haryana, with a small proportion living in other Indian states. In present-day India, Sikhs account for 1.9 per cent of the total population (more than Buddhists and Jains, but less than Hindus, Muslims and Christians).

True service to God is first and foremost a service to others, and therefore an active life and work for the good of the people. The path of salvation in Sikhism, Marg, or Sahaj Yoga, involves five consecutive stages of spiritual improvement. The constant reflection of God and the repetition of his name, as well as meditation, have been proclaimed as binding practice. It is only a mentor guru who can put the road on its true Path and act; The Apprentice Sikh must obey him. All the Sikh gurus lived in society, had a normal family lifestyle, and cared for the spiritual development of their students.

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