Karma Bites (Sometimes in the Arse)

In antiquity, the sacred Hindu scriptures were considered to be the key to revealing the most difficult mysteries of human life.

In the teachings of those ancient wise men, man is blessed with an immortal spirit coming from divinity and marrying all the divine properties.

For these divine properties to awaken and for the person to develop in his or her entirety, he is given a playground of sorts: the Earth. Having gained all experience, which comes from a variety of terrestrial experiences and mourning and joy, man achieves self-knowledge and, at the same time, the awareness of his divine origin, the knowledge that will lead him to perfection.

But in order to truly use the experience of his earthly being, the man needs not one but many lives. According to the teachings of the ancient sages, he lives many times, translating into different epochs, in a variety of contexts, until the Earth’s experience makes him wise and perfect.

In the West, the religious teachings of the ancient East are almost unknown in their pure sense. In the meantime, their knowledge can shed light on the most mysterious phenomena of our difficult mortal life. Next to the law of reincarnation, which explains the external and internal inequalities of human beings, the ancient oriental teachings gave the world a reasonable justification for the law of inviolable justice that governs the world.

The law bears the name of karma: it establishes that, in the spirit world, each cause has its consequences with the same correctness and inevitability, with which in physical world the same phenomenon causes the same effect.

The Sanskrit word “karma” means action. To be and to act is one; the whole universe is one great continuous activity governed by the inviolable law of karma.

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