Funny Thing This Evolution

The scientific community of the world rightly believes that the evidence in favour evolution is so irrefutable and comprehensive that it is no longer possible to deny biological evolution while remaining within the realm of science. Every single example or argument can always be fought with great desire (widely, often not exactly known as creation — people who reject the scientific concept of evolution) but with scientific knowledge of the evolution is consistent with millions of facts. Evolution gives meaning, logic, and structure to the entire gigantic array of knowledge acquired by biology.

This is the reason we cannot deny its existence. But as always things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Modern biology is based to a large extent on facts and ideas that run counter to the innate inclinations of our psyche. There are things about humans that we simply find hard to believe on a deep level. Of all the sciences, it is biology, which, in the view of many, is the most powerful contradiction to religion. It is no secret that many denominations often cause a sharp rejection of a man’s ancestry.

The popular form of presentation inevitably leads to the simplification of many complex concepts. It is impossible to talk about the complexities of a wide audience without making any simplifications of complex details. Therefore, this publication may not be useful for the role of a full-fledged scientific guide, but it is useful for the initial introduction of the subjects under discussion. In addition, all key facts we have tried to reinforce either direct references to scientific publications or (more often) to popular science articles, which in turn necessarily refer to scientific materials. Thus, formal scientific evidence of the information presented here is in most cases easy to find.

This series of posts on Darwinian evolution will be written in the next few months and posted here.

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